Evening Music & Movement Storytime – July 19, 2018

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Stretch by Doreen Cronin
Dancing Feet by Lindsey Craig


“Hot Diggity (Warm Up)” by Georgiana Stewart
“Dance, Freeze, Melt” by Eric Litwin
“Twirl, Twirl, Twirl” by Mr. Leebot

Songs, Rhymes & Fingerplays

Song: The More We Get Together

The more we get together, together, together.
The more we get together, the happier we’ll be.
For your friends are my friends.
And my friends are your friends.
The more we get together, the happier we’ll be.

Fingerplay: Ten Little Fingers

I have ten little fingers
And they all belong to me.
I can make them do things,
Would you like to see?
I can shut them up tight.
Or open them wide.
I can put them together,
Or make them all hide.
I can make them jump up high,
Or make them go low.
I can fold them up quietly,
And sit just so!

Movement Rhyme: Bananas Unite!

Bananas unite!
Peel bananas, peel, peel bananas
Chop bananas, chop chop bananas
Mash bananas, mash mash bananas
Eat bananas, eat, eat bananas
Go Bananas!

See movements here.

Instruments Prop Rhyme: Play Your Instruments

Tune: Frere Jacques

Play your instrument, play your instrument
One, two, three, one, two, three
Can you play a song, can you play a song?
Just like me, just like me

Play your instrument way up high, to the side, play down low

Instruments Prop Rhyme: If You’re Happy And You Know It: Instrument Edition

If you’re happy and you know it . . .
Play your instrument
Play up high
Play down low
Play them quietly
Play them loudly

Tap your hand

Fingerplay: Let Your Hands Go Clap

Let your hands go clap,
Let your fingers go snap,
Let your lips go up and down,
But do not make a sound.
Fold your hands and close your eyes,
Take a breath and softly sigh.

Parachute Play: Popcorn!

Pop! Pop! Pop!
Pop! Pop! Pop!
Put the corn into the the pot.
Pop! Pop! Pop!
Shake and shake it ’til it’s hot.
Pop! Pop! Pop!
Lift the lid and what have you got?
Pop! Pop! Pop! POPCORN!

This can be done with a parachute or a blanket. We used cotton balls and pompoms as popcorn.

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