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Story and Craft, September 11 – Bugs

Today at story time we made new friends, read stories about bugs and made our own little butterfly friends to take home.


Some Bugs by Angela DiTerlizzi and Brendan Wensel

Bow-Wow Bugs a Bug By Mark Newgarden & Megan Montague Cash

Caterpillar Dreams By Clive Mcfarland


Ladybug by Frank Leto


Today we used colorful pipe cleaners and tissue paper to built little butterflies just like Henri became in Caterpillar Dreams.


The Ants Go Marching Two by Two

The ants came marching two by two, hurrah! hurrah!
The ants came marching two by two, hurrah! hurrah!
The ants came marching two by two
The little one stopped to tie his shoe.
They all go marching down in the ground and out of the rain,
Boom, Boom, Boom.

The ants came marching three by three…
The little one stopped to climb a tree.

The ants came marching four by four…
The little one stopped to shut the door….

The ants came marching five by five…
The little one stopped to take a dive….

… The ants came marching ten by ten
The little one stopped to say THE END!

Thanks For Visiting! Hope to see you all next week.


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Last week we had fun talking about our favorite pets and some pets we wished we had.


If I Had a Gryphon By Vikki Vansickle & Cale Atkinson
A Pet for Petunia By Paul Schmid
A Unicorn Named Sparkle by Amy Young

Today we decorated and extra long dog with letters and dream pets. The kids had a really fun time spelling out there names


My Pet Dinosaur by Carole Peterson

My pet dinosaur,
In my closet hear her roar. [ROAR]
Cats and dogs are such a boar,
That’s why I have a dinosaur. [ROAR]

Thanks For Visiting! Hope to see you all next week.

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Music & Movement – January 12, 2018


The Very Very Very Long Dog  by Julia Patton
Wiggle by Doreen Cronin
The ABCs of Yoga for Kids  by Teresa Anne Power


“Hot Diggity” from Georgiana Stewart
“As I Was Walking to Town” by Carole Peterson
“The Dance Along Gong Song” by Jim Gill
“Wag the Dog” by The Wiggles

Songs, Rhymes & Fingerplays

Song: The More We Get Together
The more we get together, together, together.
The more we get together, the happier we’ll be.
For your friends are my friends.
And my friends are your friends.
The more we get together, the happier we’ll be.

Movement Rhyme: Stamp Your Feet

Stamp, stamp, stamp your feet,
Stamp them all around.
Stamp them loud, then stamp them soft,
Now don’t make a sound.

Clap, clap, clap your hands
Clap them all around.
Clap them loud, then clap them soft,
Now don’t make a sound.

Shaker Song: Popcorn
Pop! Pop! Pop!
Put the corn into the pot.
Pop! Pop! Pop!
Shake and shake it ’til it’s hot.
Pop! Pop! Pop!
Lift the lid and what have you got?
Pop! Pop! Pop! __________!

Movement Rhyme
Hands go up and hands go down.
I can turn myself around.
I can stand up on one shoe.
I can listen so can you.
Now lets sit I’ll show you how.
The next story is starting now.

Movement Rhyme: Wave Goodbye
Wave high, wave low,
I think it’s time, we gotta go.
Wave your elbows, wave your toes,
Wave your tongue and wave your nose.
Wave your knees, wave your lips,
Blow a kiss with fingertips.
Wave your chin, wave your eye,
Wave your hand and say “Goodbye!”

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Valentines Day Story Time Part 2

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Love Monster, By Rachel Bright
Love Splat, By Rob Scotton
Valentine Surprise, By Corinne Demas
Never Too Little to Love, ByJeanne Willis and Jan Fearnley


Spin Again, By Jim Gill
Turn Around/Jack in the Box, By Sue Schnitzer

Songs, Rhymes & Fingerplays

 Fingerplay: Valentines, Valentines

Valentines, valentines, how many do you see?
Valentines, valentines, can you count them with me?
One for father, one for mother, and one for grandma too,
One for brother, one for sister,
And here is one for you!

(make heart shape with fingers)

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Thursday, January23, 2014

Wag! By Patrick McDonnell
 Hug Time, By Patrick McDonnell
 Children Make Terrible Pets, By Peter Brown
Silly Doggy, By Adam Stower
It’s Raining Pigs and Noodles, By Jack Prelutsky


The Goldfish, By Laurie Berkner

Songs, Rhymes & Fingerplays

 Fingerplay: Five Little Kittens

Five Little Kittens standing in a row
They nod their heads to the children so
They run to the left, they run to the right
They stand up and stretch in the bright sunlight
Along comes a dog, who’s in for some fun
M-e-oooow, see those kittens run!

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Awesome Animals

Thursday, November 7 2013


Chick ‘N’ Pug By Jennifer Sattler
Zorro Gets and Outfit By Carter Goodrich
Say Hello to Zorro! By Carter Goodrich
Dogs By Emily Gravett


“The LIbrary Song” Jim Salestrom, All the Colors
Swing it Baby Swing” Cathy Fink, All Wound Up
Spaghetti (Twist and Twirl)” Cathy Fink, All Wound Up
Dancing Scarf Blues” Carole Peterson, Dancing Feet
“You Can Dance” Dave Barr, Exercise Party

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A Colorful Day

Tuesday,  Oct. 15 2013

“Baby Bear Sees Blue” by Ashley Wolff
“Monsters Love Colors” by Mike Austin
“Dog’s Colorful Day” by Emma Dodd
Lemons Are Not Red” by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

with scarves and ribbons of all colors.

“Parade of Colors” by Hap Palmer, – “Can a Cherry Pie Wave Goodbye”
“All My Colors” by Ralph Covert, – Ralph’s World

Songs, Rhymes & Fingerplays

Finger Rhyme: Color Rhyme

If your clothes have any red,
Put your fingers on your head.
I your clothes have any blue,
Put your fingers on your shoe.
If your clothes have any green,
Wave your hand so that you’re seen.
If your clothes have any yellow
Smile like a happy fellow.
If your clothes have any brown,
Turn your smile into a frown.
If your clothes have any black,
Put your hands behind you back
And chores must be done.
If your clothes have any white,
Stomp your feet with all your might

Song: I See Rainbows (tune of Frere Jacques)

I see rainbows,
I see rainbows,
Way up high
In the sky.

They are red and orange,
Yellow, green and blue.
Purple, too.
What a view!

I see rainbows,
I see rainbows,
Way up high
In the sky.

They are made of sunshine,
Shining through the rain.
What a view
In skies so blue!


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