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Lets be Silly


Mung Mung by Linda Sue Park
Dragons Love Tacos 2 by Adam Rubin
Weasels by Elys Dolan


I Like Blue Lemurs.

Dancing Scarf Blues

We created a silly machine collage.


Today we introduced the kids to Tongue twisters. They did a fine job keeping it silly.

Ten Tattooed Tigers Play Trombone!

Thanks For Visiting! Hope to see you all next week.

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Music & Movement – March 3, 2017


Whoops! by Suzi Moore
Say What? by Angela DiTerlizzi


“Super Silly Tango” by Eric Litwin 
“The Silly Song”
by Dragon Tales
“Ta-Ra-Ra Boom-De-Ay” by Kidsongs
“Silly Dance Contest” by Jim Gill


Movement Props:
Danced with ribbons.

Songs, Rhymes & Fingerplays

Song: The More We Get Together
The more we get together, together, together.
The more we get together, the happier we’ll be.
For your friends are my friends.
And my friends are your friends.
The more we get together, the happier we’ll be.

Movement Rhyme:

It’s time to sit on the floor;
It’s time to sit on the floor.
It’s time to sit on the floor
And clap your hands!

It’s time to clap like this;
It’s time to clap like this.
It’s time to sit on the floor
And clap like this!

Movement Rhyme (with ribbons): 

We spin our ribbons together
We spin our ribbons together
We spin our ribbons together
because it’s fun to do.

Spin them up high
Spin them down low
Spin them in the middle
Because it’s fun to do.

Movement Rhyme:

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle around.
Stop! Don’t make a sound.

Ears to listen, eyes to see,
Lock your lips. Hide the key.

Hands in your lap, one and two,
Now I have a story for you.

Movement Rhyme: Wave Goodbye
Wave high, wave low,
I think it’s time, we gotta go.
Wave your elbows, wave your toes,
Wave your tongue and wave your nose.
Wave your knees, wave your lips,
Blow a kiss with fingertips.
Wave your chin, wave your eye,
Wave your hand and say “Goodbye!”

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April Silly Day

Tuesday,  Apr. 1st 2014


“The Mixed Up Caterpillar” by Annie Kubler
“The Mixed Up Chameleon” by Eric Carle
The Mixed Up Roosterby Pamela Duncan Edwards
Spike the Mixed Up Monsterby Susan Hood
“Do Pigs Have Stripes” by Melanie Walsh


Silly Dance Contest – Jim Gill – Sneezing Songs
The Silly Song -Dragon Tales
Yes & No – Caspar Babypants – I Found You!


Felt Board: The Mixed Up Chameleon

Puppets: Sock Puppets

ongs & Rhymes

Rhyme: Sleeping Caterpillars

Let’s go to sleep, the little caterpillars said,
As they tucked themselves into their bed. (fold fingers into palm)
They will awaken by and by (open fingers, one by one)
And each one will be a lovely butterfly! (wiggle fingers)

Rhyme: Caterpillar

There was a little caterpillar crawling all about.
He worked and he worked without a doubt.
(Index finger wiggling)

Wrapping himself in a snug cocoon.
Waiting and waiting, will it be soon?
(Cover index finger with other hand.)

Look, he’s coming out, my oh my!
For now he’s become a beautiful butterfly.
(Cross thumbs and let fingers be fingers be butterfly wings.)


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Bath Time

Thursday,  February 27, 2014

The Green Bath
 by Margaret Mahy
Pirates Don’t Take Baths by John Segal
How To Wash A Woolly Mammoth by Michelle Robinson

Splish Splash, by Joanie Bartels

Songs & Rhymes

Rhyme: Bubbly Bubbly Bubble Bath By: Rob Reid

Bubbly bubbly bubble bath,
(Wiggle ten fingers)
Filled to the top,
(Raise fingers overhead)
Listen to the bubbly bubbles
(Cup hand to ear)
Pop! Pop! Pop!
(Clap three times)

Action Rhyme: After A Bath From: The Complete Book of Rhymes, Songs, Poems, Fingerplays, and Chants  by Jackie Silberg
and Pamela Byrne Schiller)

After a bath I try, try, try To rub myself dry, dry, dry.
Hands to wipe, and fingers and toes,
And two wet legs and a shiny nose.
Just think, how much less time I’d take,
If I were a dog, and could shake, shake, shake.

Song: Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
Wash your head, shoulders,
Knees and toes, knees and toes.
Wash your head, shoulders,
Knees and toes, knees and toes.
Eyes and ears and mouth and nose.
Wash your head, shoulders,
Knees and toes, knees and toes.

Action Rhyme: Elephants in the Bathtub

One elephant in the bathtub (hold up one finger)
Going for a swim (motion to swim)
Knock, knock (clap twice) Splash, splash (slap knees twice) Come on in! Two elephants in the bathtub…
Three elephants in the bathtub…
Four elephants in the bathtub…
Five elephants in the bathtub (hold up 5 fingers)
Going for a swim
Knock, knock Splash
splash (slap knees twice)
They all fell in! (motion to dive in)

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Story Time

Thursday,  February 20, 2014

What Time is it? It’s Duffy Time!
 by Audrey and Don Wood
Giant Dance Party by Betsy Bird
Pugs in a Bug byCarolyn Crimi

Songs & Rhymes

Rhyme: Tiny Tim

I have a little turtle (Cup hands)
His name is Tiny Tim
I put him in the bathtub (Place on floor)
To see if he could swim (Swim motion)
He drank up all the water (Drinking motion)
He ate up all the soap (Eating motion)
When he woke up in the morning (Slowly raising arms over head and clap loud)He had bubbles in his mouth (Pop!)

Song: Looby Loo

Here we dance Looby-loo
Here we dance Looby-light
Here we dance Looby-loo
All on a Saturday night
I put my right hand in,
I put my right hand out,
I give my hand a shake, shake, shake,
And turn myself about
Left Hand
Right foot
Left foot
Whole Self

Action Rhyme: I Clap My Hands

I clap my hands
I touch my feet
I jump up from the ground
I clap my hands
I touch my feet
And turn myself around.

Action Rhyme: Acka Backa

Acka backa soda cracker,
Acka backa boo.
Acka backa soda cracker,
Up goes you!
Acka backa soda cracker,
Acka backa boo.
Acka backa soda cracker,
I love you!

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
His name is my name too!
Whenever we go out,
The people always shout
There goes John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt!
Da da da da da da



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Valentines Day Story Time Part 2

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Love Monster, By Rachel Bright
Love Splat, By Rob Scotton
Valentine Surprise, By Corinne Demas
Never Too Little to Love, ByJeanne Willis and Jan Fearnley


Spin Again, By Jim Gill
Turn Around/Jack in the Box, By Sue Schnitzer

Songs, Rhymes & Fingerplays

 Fingerplay: Valentines, Valentines

Valentines, valentines, how many do you see?
Valentines, valentines, can you count them with me?
One for father, one for mother, and one for grandma too,
One for brother, one for sister,
And here is one for you!

(make heart shape with fingers)

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Thursday, January23, 2014

Wag! By Patrick McDonnell
 Hug Time, By Patrick McDonnell
 Children Make Terrible Pets, By Peter Brown
Silly Doggy, By Adam Stower
It’s Raining Pigs and Noodles, By Jack Prelutsky


The Goldfish, By Laurie Berkner

Songs, Rhymes & Fingerplays

 Fingerplay: Five Little Kittens

Five Little Kittens standing in a row
They nod their heads to the children so
They run to the left, they run to the right
They stand up and stretch in the bright sunlight
Along comes a dog, who’s in for some fun
M-e-oooow, see those kittens run!

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