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Toddler Storytime- Leaping and Jumping

Jump! by Scott M. Fischer
Emily Loves to Bounce by Stephen Michael King

Felt Board
To Market, To Market

“Hop Along Song”  by Graham Walker, Exercise Party
“Jump” by Milkshake, Bottle of Sunshine

Song Cube:
• I’m a Little Teapot
• ABC’s
• Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
• The Itsy Bitsy Spider
• Five Green Speckled Frogs
• Wheels on the Bus

Letter of the Week
This week we are learning about the letter Ff.

Early Literacy Fact of the Week:

Play a game of pretend with your child. This helps your child understand the power of language. other fun play includes play inga game of “Can you…?” by asking a series of questions like, “Can you jump really high?” or “Can you find something red?” These games help improve concentration, attention span, and memory.

Songs & Rhymes

Open Song: Wake Up Feet
Wake up feet, wake up feet
Wake up feet and wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
Wake up feet, wake up feet
Wake up feet and wiggle in the morning.

other verses: hands, eyes, ears

Hands Go Up
Hands go up and hands go down.
I can turn myself around.
I can reach down to my shoe.
I can listen so can you.
Now let’s sit, I’ll show you how.
The next story is starting now.

Down By the Pond
I walked to the pond,
Tramp, tramp, tramp. (walk in place)
The ground got mushy,
Splat, splat, splat. (stamp feet)
The frogs were singing,
Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit. (hop up and down)
The raccoons were eating,
Rinse, rinse, rinse. (pretend to rinse food)
The bugs were swarming,
Buzz, buzz, buzz. (wiggle fingers by ears and face)
I went running,
Fast, fast, fast. (run in place)
Goodbye, Pond! (wave goodbye)

Closing Song: I Think It’s Time We Have To Go
I think it’s time, we have to go.
Wave your elbows, wave your toes.
Wave your tongue, wave your nose.
Wave your knees, wave your lips.
Blow me a kiss with your fingertips.
Wave your chin, wave your eye.
Now it’s time to wave goodbye.

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