PJ Storytime – Love! – February 14, 2019

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February 14, 2019

Love by Matt de la Pena
Hands Say Love by George Shannon
Love the World by Todd Parr

I Really Love to Dance by Laurie Berkner
Shake A Friend’s Hand by Carole Peterson

Yoga Pose of the Week:

Come to sit on your bottom with a tall spine, lift up your legs, balance on your sitting bones, touch the soles of your feet together, and weave your arms under your legs.

ongs, Rhymes, & Fingerplays:

Opening Song: The More We Get Together
The more we get together
Together, together
The more we get together
The happier we’ll be
Cause your friends are my friends
And my friends are your friends
The more we get together
The happier we’ll be

Fingerplay: I Have A Little Heart
I have a little heart, (sign language for heart)
And it goes thump, thump, thump (pat chest three times)
It keeps right on beating,
When I jump, jump, jump (jump three times)
I get a special feeling, when I look at you. (point to child)
It makes me want to give you a hug or two. (hug yourself)

Felt Story: Who Am I? Heart-Shaped Riddles
1. I live in the water. I can swim. I have a tail. I also have fins and big eyes. (Fish)
2. I am a soft and furry pet. I have four legs and a long tail. I have sharp teeth and claws. I like to chase mice. (Cat)
3. I am small and colorful. I have big wings. I live in gardens and forests. I used to be a caterpillar. (Butterfly)

Shaker Prop Song: If You Love To Read Books, Give A Shake
To the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It”
If you love to read books, give a shake
If you love to read books, give a shake
If you love to read books, then let your shakers show it
If you love to read books, give a shake
Ask “What are other things you love?” and incorporate answers in the song
Other things: to sing songs, to dance all crazy, play together

Action Rhyme: I Can Hug
I can hug, hug, hug,
I can hop, hop, hop,
I can kiss, kiss kiss,
I can stop, stop, stop.
I can nod my head yes,
And I can shake my head no,
And I can sit down very slow.

Love Bug Puppets

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