Toddler Storytime- Under the Sea

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I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean by Kevin Sherry
Breathe by Scott Magoon

Felt Board
We’re the Family of the Sea

“Have You Ever Been Fishing”  by Dr. Jean, Keep On Singing And Dancing with Dr. Jean
“Under the Sea” by Georgiana Stewart, Musical Scarves

Song Cube:
• I’m a Little Teapot
• ABC’s
• Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
• The Itsy Bitsy Spider
• Five Green Speckled Frogs
• Wheels on the Bus

Letter of the Week
This week we are learning about the letter Aa.

Early Literacy Fact of the Week

Set Reading Goals: 1000 Books Before Kindergarten Program
Pick up a reading log, or download the app from the app store to your phone or tablet to keep track of all the books you are reading. For every 100 books you read and keep track of (repeats included) you get a free book and sticker.

Songs & Rhymes

Open Song: Wake Up Feet
Wake up feet, wake up feet
Wake up feet and wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
Wake up feet, wake up feet
Wake up and wiggle in the morning.

other verses: hands, eyes, ears

One baby turtle alone and new.
Finds a friend, and then there are two.
Two baby turtles crawl down to the sea.
They find another, and then there are three.
Three baby turtles crawl along the shore.
They find another, and then there are four.
Four baby turtles go for a dive.
Up swims another, and then there are five.

Hands Go Up
Hands go up and hands go down.
I can turn myself around.
I can reach down to my shoe.
I can listen so can you.
Now let’s sit, I’ll show you how.
The next story is starting now.

Let’s Go Diving
Let’s go diving,
Let’s go diving,
Into the sea,
Into the sea.
Then we’ll swim up to the shore,
Then we’ll swim up to the shore,
Don’t forget to breathe!
Don’t forget to breathe!

Closing Song: I Think It’s Time We Have To Go
I think it’s time, we have to go.
Wave your elbows, wave your toes.
Wave your tongue, wave your nose.
Wave your knees, wave your lips.
Blow me a kiss with your fingertips.
Wave your chin, wave your eye.
Now it’s time to wave goodbye.


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The library has many of the books and music we use in our storytimes in the collection, so you can check them out and use them at home. We also get resources from MelCat, our inter-library loan system. For help finding these materials, stop by the Youth Desk.