Baby Time: September 9, 2015

September 9, 2015 at 10:00 am Leave a comment


Flip, Flap, Fly! by Phyllis Root, illus. by David Walker
Quick Duck! by Mary Murphy


“Clap, Tap, Bend” by Carol Hammett & Elaine Beuffel, It’s Toddler Time
“You’re an Elephant” by Geof Johnson, Exercise Party

Songs, Rhymes & Fingerplays

Kissy Game
(Give baby kisses on all of the body parts, remembering to make eye contact.)
Kissy, kissy fingers,
Kissy, kissy toes,
Kissy, kissy baby,
On your kissy, nose.

I love to kiss your fingers.
I love to kiss your toes.
I love to kiss my baby,
On her [or his] kissy, nose!

Baby’s Ride
Bouncing baby on my knee,
Ride this horse to Tennessee.
Ride it fast and ride it slow.
Ride it to the rodeo!

Mary Wore Her Red Dress
Mary wore her red dress
Red dress, red dress
Mary wore her red dress
All day long
Use kids’ names and items/colors that they are wearing.  This is a great song to integrate into your daily routine (you can change articles of clothing to other things)

These Are Baby’s Fingers
These are baby’s fingers
These are baby’s toes
This is baby’s belly button
Round and round it goes

Pop! Pop! Pop!
Pour the corn into the pan.
Pop! Pop! Pop!
Shake it ‘till it’s hot!
Pop! Pop! Pop!
What have we got?
Popcorn (Shake like crazy!!)


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