Winter Wonderland

January 6, 2015 at 2:00 pm Leave a comment

Tuesday,  Jan. 6th, 2015


The First Day of Winter by Denise Fleming
Pip and Squeak by Ian Schoenherr
Snowmen at Night by Carolyn Buehner
Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner
In the Snow by Sharon Denslow


Let’s Play in the Snow by Rachel Buchman


We made a Pine Cone Bird Feeder

 Songs & Rhymes

Song: Snow on the Rooftops

Snow on the rooftops
Snow on the trees
Snow on the green grass
Snow on me.

Snow on my mittens
Snow on my nose
Snow on my head
Snow on my toes.


Way up high in the Winter sky
(raise hands above head)
Two little snowflakes caught my eye.
(point up)
Down to the ground they fell without a sound,
(flutter hands down to the ground)
But before very long, it was snowing all around!
(turn in circle with hands fluttering)

Rhyme: A Funny Little Snowman

A funny little snowman
Had a carrot nose.
Along came a rabbit
And what do you suppose?

That hungry little rabbit
Looking for his lunch,
Ate that snowman’s nose
With a crunch, crunch, crunch!

Rhyme: Five Little Snowmen

Five Little Snowmen standing round my door.
This one melted and then there were four.
Four little snowmen beneath a green pine tree,
This one melted and then there were three.
Three little snowmen with caps and mittens blue.
This one melted and then there were two.
Two little snowmen standing in the sun,
This one melted and then there was one.
One little snowman started to run.
But he melted away and then there was none.

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