Busy Squirrels

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Tuesday,  Oct. 14th 2014


The Busy Little Squirrel by Nancy Tafuri
Ol’ Mama Squirrel by David Ezra Stein
The Nutty Nut Chase by Kathryn White


The Silly Squirrel Dance – Hot! Hot! Hot! Dance Songs


We made a squirrel from a pine cone

 Songs & Rhymes

Rhyme: Whisky Frisky

Whisky, frisky, hippity hop,
Up he goes to the tree top. (hand makes a spiral motion up)
Whirly, swirly, round and round,
Down he scampers to the ground. (hand makes a spiral motion down)

Furly, curly, what a tail,
Tall as a feather, broad as a sail. (wave hand for tail)
Where’s his supper–in the shell. (hold hand closed like a nut)
Snappity, crackity, out it fell. (thumb and finger open and shut like cracking a nut)

Rhyme: 5 Little Squirrels

5 little squirrels sitting by the door
1 ran away and then there were four.
4 little squirrels climbing a tree |
1 ran away and then there were three.
3 little squirrels with coats so new
1 ran away and then there were two.
2 little squirrels warming in the sun
1 ran away and then there was one.
1 little squirrel wasn’t having any fun
He ran away and then there was none.


5 Little squirrels sitting in a tree
The first one said, “It’s getting cold for me”
The second one said “The leaves are Falling to the ground”
The third one said “Nuts are all around”
The fourth one said “We better not wait”
The fifth one said “Fall is really great”


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