Music and Movement – Oct. 10th 2014

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Oct. 10th, 2014

 She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain by Jonathan Emmett
 Bunny Fun by Sarah Weeks


Silly Dance Contest by Jim Gill
Jumping and Counting – Jim Gill, Jim Gill’s Irrational Anthem
I’m Passing Out the Sticks by Kathy Reid-Naiman – Tickles and Tunes

Songs and Rhymes:

Song: Hello!

Hey! Hi! Howdy! Yo!
There are many ways to say hello!
Wave your hand. Nod your head.
Smile big or wink intsead.
Blow a kiss. Tip your hat.
Shake your hands. Give a pat.
Of all the ways to say hello,
Here’s the way I like to go … HELLO!

Song: The More We Get Together

The more we get together, together, together.
The more we get together,
the happier we’ll be.
For your friends are my friends,
And my friends are your friends.
The more we get together,
the happier we’ll be.

Action Rhyme: Two Little Feet

Two little feet go tap, tap, tap,   (tap feet)
Two little hands go clap, clap, clap.  (clap hands)
A quick little leap up from my chair,   (stand up)
Two little arms reach high in the air.   (stretch arms)
Two little feet go jump, jump, jump,   (jump)
Two little fists go thump, thump, thump.   (pound fists)
One little body goes round and round,   (twirl around)
And one little child sits quietly down.   (sit down)

Fingerplay: Five Little Elephants in a Bath Tub

One elephant in the bathtub
Going for a swim
Knock, knock, (clap twice)
Splash, splash (pat knees)
Come on in! (beckon with hand)
Two elephants in the bathtub
Going for a swim.
Knock, knock,
Splash, splash,
Come on in!
(count up to five)


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