Baby Time: January 8th, 2014

January 8, 2014 at 10:30 am Leave a comment

Baby Loves Winter by Karen Katz
How to Build a Snowman by Jo Moon

Jingle Bells / Jingle Song by Hap Palmer, Holiday Magic

Songs, Rhymes & Fingerplays

Once There Was A Snowman
Once there was a snowman, snowman, snowman,
Once there was a snowman tall, tall, tall. (Gradually move hand higher)
But in the sun it melted, melted, melted,
In the sun it melted small, small, small. (Gradually Move hand lower)

Snowflake Snowflake
(To the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)
Snowflakes, snowflakes, dance around (wave hands back and forth)
Snowflakes, snowflakes, touch the ground (touch the ground)
Snowflake landing on my nose (touch your nose)
Snowflake landing on my toes (touch your toes)
Snowflakes, snowflakes dance around (wave hands back and forth)
Snowflakes, snowflakes, touch the ground (touch ground)

I’m a Little Snowflake
(To the tune of I’m a Little Teapot)
I’m a little snowflake, Look at me.
No other snowflake is just like me.
I am so unique, as you can see.
And just as special as I can be.

I’m a little snowflake, icy and round
I fall from the sky and I don’t make a sound
When it’s cold, I stay all day
When it’s warm, I melt away

Snowflake Dance
(To the tune of Are You Sleeping)
Dance like snowflakes, Dance like snowflakes
In the air, In the air
Whirling, Twirling snowflakes, Whirling, Twirling snowflakes
Here and there, Here and there


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Let It Snow Counting Sheep

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