Baby Time June 27, 2012

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Peekaboo by Margaret Miller

Victor Vito by Laurie Berkner “Goodnight”

Songs, Rhymes & Fingerplays
Two little eyes to look around
Two little eyes to look around,
Two little ears to hear each sound,
One little nose to smell what’s sweet,
And one little mouth that likes to eat

Stretch up High
Stretch up high as tall as a house,
Curl up round and small as a mouse.
Now pretend you have a drum
And beat like this – tum, tum, tum.
Shake your hands, stamp your feet,
Close your eyes and go to sleep.

Zoom—-, ba, ba, Mommy’s baby
(give baby an extra high bounce on “zoom”)
Zoom—-, ba, ba, Mommy’s baby

Cover her up, pat her on the head.
Give her a little kiss and put her to bed.
(give kiss and lay baby backwards)

A Smooth Road
A smooth road, a smooth road,
(with baby on your knees, stroke baby’s legs
on each ‘a smooth road’)
a smooth road, a smooth road
A bumpy road, a bumpy road,
(bounce baby gently on the ‘bumpy’ road)
a bumpy road, a bumpy road
A rough road, a rough road,
(The road is a little more bumpy)
a rough road, a rough road
A hole!
(Baby ‘falls’ in the space between your legs)

Two Little Chickadees
Two little chickadees sitting on a hill,
One named Jack, the other named Jill.
Fly away, Jack! Fly away, Jill!
Come back, Jack! Come back, Jill!

Birdie Song
Way up in the sky, the little birds fly (flap arms)
While down in the nest, the little birds rest (cradle arms in front of body)
With a wing on the left, and a wing on the right (tuck hands in armpits )
The little birds sleep all through the night (palms together, rest head on hands)
Shhhhhhhhh, they’re sleeping (whisper with finger in front of lips)
The bright sun comes up, the dew falls away (both arms up in a circle)
“Good morning, good morning,” the little birds say (nod head)


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Tuesday Storytime June 26, 2012 Sweet Dreams

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